We can never go back to before
where we're going we don't need roads
Betty White died, which we all hate. That’s just not how we’re used to living. Without Betty White. No. Most of us hadn’t spent a day in this world…
Grief can look like hypervigilance. This is a popular saying among Instagram grief circles, which is a whole thing. There’s a few big accounts that all…
It was the third anniversary of my mom’s death on September 14. I wrote a lot about the week she died in a piece for Modern Loss so I don’t want to…
I keep checking the freezer for the mail key. It’s not there, obviously, but I’ll keep checking until I finally admit: I’ve lost the mail key. I’m…
I’ve been thinking about going to see Deb again. Deb was my grief counselor who I saw from about December 2018 (three months after my mom died) till…
Not Really, But, Like, How It Feels That Way
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My Mom Died And Other Things I'm Thinking About All The Time